Saturday, July 5, 2014

APHRODITE (aff - ro - DIE - tee)

Gaia, the great Earth Mother, and Uranus the Sky Father gave birth to many children. Uranus jealously hid them in a cave in the earth and forbade them to come out. But Gaia produced a scythe from her body for her youngest son Kronos, and whispered a plan in his ear.

    Night fell. Uranus spread over Gaia and entered her. Kronos crept from the cave with the scythe, slashed off Uranus's genitals, and threw them into the sea. The world echoed with Uranus's screams. His castrated penis oozed white sea foam that glistened in the starlight.

    Day came and warmed the foam. Inside it a Gooddess formed. The foam washed away, and there, in the middle of the ocean, treading water, blinking in the sunshine, and laughing at her sudden existence, was Aphrodite. She swam for miles till she came to Cyprus. She stepped onto the shore, feeling for the first time the delightful sensation of stationary earth under her feet.

    Aphrodite has many lovers. One is the beautiful youth, Adonis. She spends every summer with him, then in winter puts him away in a chest and sends him beneath the earth to be looked after by Persephone,  Queen of the Underworld. 
Aphrodite's son is Eros, the god of love. Her most famous disciple is Psyche.


You accept life as a gift full of wonder. You are bright and spontaneous and exhilarated by the joy of existence. Perhaps you delight in simple sensory pleasures such as a delicious meal, or a walk through  countryside, or maybe you are at home with more sophisticated urban pursuits. You are oriented to the real world of things and sensations. You are sensuous and sensual and know how to give yoursylph enjoyable experiences. You lead a fulfilling life, receptive to all the world has to offer, and you know that happiness is, in the end, the bottom line.

Uh oh:  

You tend to ignore problems until they get so large they are impossible to deal with. You are impulsive, starting things you don't want to see through; and decadent, overindulging in sensual pleasure, getting caught up in superficial pursuits when you should be doing more personal work.
    If you do not let the Gooddesses into your life, your life of pleasure becomes empty and meaningless. You are taken over by compulsive behaviour and engage in wild sprees of various sorts. You become jaded and hardened, yet still unsatisfied, and you spiral into a vicious circle of emptiness, demand, and yet more unfulfillment.

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