Saturday, July 5, 2014

ECHIDNA (ee - KID - nuh)

Echidna is a sea Gooddess with the bottom half of a huge speckled snake. Earth dwellers shunned and scorned her as a monster, so she made hersylph a solitary home in a jewel encrusted ocean cave.

She fell in love with a son of Hera - the many-headed dragon Typhaon. She took him as her lover and they had four children: Orthus, a ferocious two-headed dog; Cerberus, an even more ferocious three-headed dog (whom Persephone employed to guard the gates of the underworld); Hydra, a many-headed swamp snake; and the Chimaera who had a lion's front quarters, a goat's hindquarters, a snake's tail, and breath of fire.

Echidna was a loving mother to her ferocious brood, but in those days heroes such as Herakles and Bellerophon liked to prove themselves by slaying monsters, and Echidna's family bore the brunt of this. One by one they were killed - first her lover Typhaon, then all her children but Orthus. Desolate, Echidna took Orthus as her new lover.

She soon gave birth to a giant lion (known as the Nemean Lion) and the Sphinx who had the head of a woman and the body of a lion, and was fond of riddles. But these children also were killed by so-called 'heroes'.


You are sensitive and perceptive. You can see many different points of view at once, and are compassionate and tolerant. You like people, and nurture close friendships. But you also need time to be alone. There is a quiet place in you like a deep cave of wisdom, and here you think your most profound thoughts.
    You have a deep-down sensuousness, and bask in luxury. Anything and everything, if used rightly, can fill you with joy. You experience much pleasure in life, and have an enviable ability to bounce back from crises.

Uh oh:  

You have addictive, escapist tendencies. You are a daydreamer and lack strength, drive, and purpose. You sometimes feel you are in a shifting fluid environment where nothing is sure or secure. In this state you lose order and meaning and flounder in your own watery depths, further confused by your tendency to flee into fantasy.
    If you do not let the Gooddesses into your life, addictions become monsters living inside you, ruling you and devouring you. As you fall deeper into a hole of hopelessness there is only terrible continuous begetting of more and more monsters.

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