Saturday, July 5, 2014

MEDEA (meh - DEE - a)

  Medea is the granddaughter of the sun. She is a cunning trickster and a notorious enchantress, as skilled in sorcery as her aunts Kirke and Pasiphae. As some carry a pocket knife, Medea takes a small black box of magic everywhere. It contains herbs, juices, and ointments which she uses for such purposes as protection from fire, sending enemies to sleep, and bringing the dead back to life.

    She took a handsome prince called Jason as her husband, and helped him kill his corrupt step-father, the King of Iolkos: She showed the King's daughters how a ram could be turned into a lamb by chopping it up, putting it in a cauldron, and boiling it with magic herbs. She further demonstrated the efficacy of this technique by using it to rejuvenate various members of the court. The King was eager to regain his lost youth and willingly submitted to his daughters giving him this treatment. However Medea deliberately gave them the wrong herbs and the experiment led only to his death.

    Medea and Jason took the throne and had two children. But it was not long before Jason began an affair with a young princess from another kingdom, named Glauke. Glauke was gentle and subservient and Jason found her relaxing compared to the charismatic and fearsomely clever Medea.

When Jason divorced her to marry Glauke, Medea was determined he would regret it. She sent her children to give a beautiful robe to Glauke as a wedding gift. But when the new bride put it on, the magic ointment which Medea had smeared it with burned her to death. Medea then killed her two children as a final act of vengeance and, in a chariot drawn by winged dragons, galloped away to her grandfather's palace in the sky.


You enjoy adventure and love a challenge. You have a strong personality which you use to channel the creative energies of your environment.
    You enjoy solitude: Taking time for unconscious impulses to surface into consciousness is useful to you. It is at these times that you produce valuable original ideas. You are independent, creative, efficient, and highly individualistic. You have important goals and the determination to put them into practice. You know that no art or craft can reach its full flowering without discipline. You are hardworking and conscientious and are an example of spiritual determination to achieve your highest ideal.

Uh oh:  

You are proud and sylph-righteous. You have no patience with those who don't measure up to your expectations, and are often as unfairly harsh on yoursylph as on others.
    You sylphishly trample others in your hurry to attain your goals. You are obsessively concerned with proving your superiority. You are ruthless and hardhearted, and may have delusional ideas about yoursylph, feeling invincible, invulnerable, and omnipotent.
    If you do not let the Gooddesses into your life, you become increasingly brutal and reckless, finally destroying everything that does not conform to your will, becoming sociopathic, barbarous, even murderous.

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