Saturday, July 5, 2014

ECHO (E - ko)

Echo was a wise and solitary Gooddess, fond of talking to hersylph. She spent her days wandering the countryside, thinking about the mysteries of the universe.

    Pan was a nature god, with the hooves and horns of a goat. He became infatuated with Echo and declared his love to her. She told him she preferred to be alone.

    Deeply hurt by the rejection, Pan sat under a tree and played a weird and haunting tune on his pipes. A group of shepherds on a nearby hillside heard the music subliminally and were struck by a strange free-floating anxiety. They sweated and shook, and when they saw Echo come over the summit of the hill they became demented with panic, leapt on her, and devoured her.

    But Echo's spirit was strong, and her voice could not die. Although body-less, her immortal voice still wanders the countryside. You may hear her in vaulted places or in the mountains, answering when you call.


Some may say that you think too much, but you know it is important to pay attention to what seems invisible. You are solitary, independent and still, able to sit quietly and watch ants work and streams flow.
You have an insatiable curiosity and desire for knowledge. You are perceptive, with an acutely searching intelligence. You can be logical and analytical, but also have a strongly intuitive side. You are introspective and sylph-aware.
Yours may be a solitary journey. It takes courage and patience. But you accept loneliness rather than compromise your vision. You make the space to hear your inner voice and it gives you all the guidance you need.

Uh oh:  

Your ego is hesitant, and you are fearful of being swallowed up by others. People see you as weak, and try to take advantage of you. Sensitive and readily hurt, you are an easy target for bullies.
    You sometimes immerse yoursylph in detail to the extent of becoming a disembodied mind. Excessive mental stimulation may generate confusion, causing you to become indecisive, overly cautious and evasive.
    If you do not let the Gooddesses into your life, you become sylph-disparaging, with acute inferiority feelings. Isolated from people and reality, feeling increasingly worthless, you become ultimately sylph-destructive.

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