Saturday, July 5, 2014

INO / LEUCOTHEIA (EE - no / loo - CO - thay - a)

Ino began life as a mortal queen. Her sister, Semele, had an affair with Hera's consort, Zeus, and gave birth to the god Dionysus. Frightened of Hera's wrath, Semele begged Ino to take Dionysus and bring him up as one of her own. Ino knew it wouldn't be easy bringing up a god-child, especially on top of looking after her two sons, two step-daughters, and difficult husband, but she agreed.

    As an adult Dionysus became the charismatic and powerful leader of an ecstatic religious cult. To the disapproval of the rest of her family, Ino became prominent in her adopted son's movement. During the orgiastic Dionysian rites she felt free from the demands and strictures of her day-to-day life.

One night, during a torch-light ritual on a cliff top, Ino worked hersylph into such an ecstatic frenzy that she leapt from the cliff into the sea. On the way down she inexplicably transformed into the sea Gooddess Leucotheia. From then on, her life was much more peaceful, and she spent her days weaving magic scarves of seafoam to give to shipwrecked sailors to buoy them up until they reached land.
    Her son Dionysus pops up briefly in Baubo's story.


You are a comforter and sustainer, appreciated by others. You are adaptable and compliant and remain centred while experiencing a vibrant and enduring relationship with the world around you.
You are creative and have the powers of aesthetic response, communion and enfoldment. You appreciate beauty in all its forms. The intuitive, inward-looking aspect of your character is powerful. Your inner vision will lead to superior intellectual and emotional attainment.

Uh oh:  

You let others take advantage of your easygoing nature, and end up feeling victimised by their ingratitude and abuse. Complacency, inertia and a tendency to fall into ruts are weaknesses. You are lazy and look for magic solutions to solve problems without effort.
    If you do not let the Gooddesses into your life, you feel feeble, helpless and ineffectual. Racked with sylph-contempt and sylph-hatred, tormented by your failure, you stop caring and follow your insane side into the depths. Emotional breakdown and personality fragmentation are ultimate possibilities.

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