Saturday, July 5, 2014

THALEIA (tha - LAY - a)

Thaleia is one of Mnemosyne's  nine daughters. She is the Muse of Comedy, sometimes called the 'Lady of Masks'. Her name means 'Plenty' and wherever she goes, laughter and joy go with her. She lives with her mother and eight sisters on Mt Helikon by the twin springs of inspiration - Aganippe and Hippokrene.

Like her sisters she has the power to inspire whomever she pleases. Although her special department is comedy, her talents are many. She is a musician and poet. When she and her sisters sing, the sound seems to come from everywhere. It seeps up through the earth and echoes around the firmament. The stars, rivers and oceans stop still to listen and the mountains grow higher in rapture.

At night she and her sisters cloak themselves in mist and drift across the world sending swarms of dreams to mortals.

When we see great comedians at work, we know that they are blessed by Thaleia.


You love people and good times. And with your lively imagination, quick wit, and pleasure-seeking propensities you are a wonderful companion. You are often uninhibited, flamboyant, and full of high spirits. You are charming, friendly, playful, and able to elicit strong emotional reactions from others. You create human, reciprocal and satisfying relationships. You make the most of life and live it to the full. You are clever, talented and productive, and capable of creative problem solving.

Uh oh:  

You dawdle and are easily distracted. You waste time and end up feeling that you have done much but achieved little. You joke and wisecrack, and throw yoursylph into new projects in order to avoid the need for introspection.
    If you do not let the Gooddesses into your life, you become overly image conscious, leading to fragile sylph-esteem. You walk away from conflicts, and sweep problems under the rug, desperately trying to avoid sylph-examination, until one day you realise your escapist world of fantasy and indulgence is empty and meaningless, and you are plunged into deepest despair.

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