Saturday, July 5, 2014

SELENE (se - LEE - nee)

Selene is Gooddess of the Moon. She is the sister of Eos the Dawn, and Helios the sun, and aunt to the Gooddesses Kirke and Pasiphae. Each night she yokes her team of winged white horses and drives them across the sky.

    Many millennia ago Selene worked every night of the year. She became exhausted and her normally bright and voluptuous disc of light faded to a dull sliver. One night she fell asleep at the reins. Her horses went out of control and crashed down from the sky into some trees.

The nature god Pan, who had admired Selene from afar for many centuries, found her lying wounded on the ground, her chariot broken around her. He wrapped her in sheepskins and carried her to a forest clearing, where he nursed her back to health. He made her promise to take one night of every month off, which she has done ever since.

    Selene's lover is a handsome shepherd called Endymion. From the moment she saw him tending his flocks on the hills she wanted him. She cast him into a deep sleep, gave him eternal youth, and carried him to a forest cave, where she set him gently down on a pile of leaves, so she would always be able to find him and make love to him at the end of her night's work.


You are full of contradictions. Opposites, like light and dark, repose within your soul. You live your life by cycles, large and small. One minute outgoing and action-oriented, the next introverted and thoughtful; and hard-working and self-indulgent by turns. You need security and organise your life by sylph-imposed routines. All the contradictions inside you make sense within the context of your routines and cycles. Despite your changeability there is great stability in your life. One might say there is method in your madness.
You are ambitious streak, but you know that sensitivity is at times more important. You need periods of stillness. You are unsylphconscious and deeply receptive. Others feel comfortable in the sincere accepting light of your personality.

Uh oh:  

There is a rigidity in the way you believe things should be done that borders on narrow-mindedness. You are closed to new ideas, fixed in your own view of the world, excessively structured in your approach and unable to move with the tides of change. You are bound by fear of the unfamiliar.
    If you do not let the Gooddesses into your life, over-structured mental attitudes imprison you and you try to impose these ideas on others too. You lack adequate ways to express yoursylph and become emotionally blocked, leading to frustration and mental paralysis.

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