Saturday, July 5, 2014


Tethys is Gooddess of the Ocean, protector of dolphins and sea monsters. She rules over gentle swells and violent tsunamis, over foaming surf and dark deeps, and carries a trident as a symbol of her sovreignty. She roars and moans, whispers and sings. Her relentless pounding wears away the hardest rock.

She has a violent temper that can flare at any time. She demands respect, and can wreak havoc if she doesn't get it. But she also sends rivers branching across the Earth, donating her life-giving moisture to communities all over the world. She loves to dive and play in the currents, and is patron Gooddess of summer beaches and aquatic sports.

Tethys is the mother of Kalypso.


You have determination and willpower, and you achieve much. You are a stabilising nourishing influence in your environment and create warm bonds with others. Because of your strength and compassion you often find yoursylph in a protecting or leading role. Others respect and like you, and in return you are loyal and trustworthy. You often go out of your way to help others, but you value yoursylph and always ensure you have time and energy for your own personal pursuits.
All work and no play is not for you. You enjoy life and make the most of opportunities for pleasure.

Uh oh:  

You are demanding and tend to swamp others with the force and unpredictability of your moods. You have compulsive tendencies. You avoid looking too deep inside yoursylph and fail to plumb the depths of your soul. You find solitude dark, cold, and oppressive; and when you turn inwards you find thin ice and confusing reflections.
    If you do not let the Gooddesses into your life, you feel drawn to engulf every outer experience and eat up your inner sylph out of a deep deadly hunger, a sense of negative emptiness. As your appetites increase, you become an avid consumer, an acquisitive materialist, and a sensation seeker. You try to ignore and suppress problems until, like the overwhelming violence of a burst dam, they flood your life, twice as dangerous as before.

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