Saturday, July 5, 2014

HESTIA (HEH - stee -a)

Hestia is Gooddess of the hearth, queen of the homestead, and patron of harmonious relations. She shuns war, and strives to be a peacemaker at all times. She is the sister of Hera and Demeter.

    Many gods have courted Hestia but she prefers to remain single and celibate. She has never had offspring of her own, but is guardian to all orphans and lost children.

    There was a time when every homestead in Greece kept a small fire burning in her honour. Now, when we sit in front of a cosy blaze in winter, or around a bonfire on the beach in summer, we feel warm and at peace with ourselves and others, and know that Hestia is near.


You are at one with yoursylph, and so can form profound relationships with others. You study human nature and have a quick instinct for predicting how others will behave. You are discrete, sensitive, caring and empathetic.
You are a good listener, and others often come to you with their problems. You are a unifier and have a soothing, healing influence, harmonising groups and bringing people together. Loving and thoughtful, you are helpful even when it means going out of your way.
    You think deeply about complex ideas. While you enjoy the company of others, you also need time and space to be alone. You are approaching deep sylph-knowing and have the potential to be very wise. 

Uh oh:  

You sometimes feel that you have to be all good to be a worthy person. Beware of becoming a doormat. You tend towards martyrdom, and pretend to be totally unsylphish, denying aggressions and mixed motives, and servicing others in an atmosphere of resentment. You accommodate others too much, and lack the courage to stand up for yoursylph and your own needs. You don't have the drive to achieve your goals, and may become unfocused and unfulfilled.
    If you do not let the Gooddesses into your life, you become passive, repressed, and helpless. You disassociate from anything threatening, and eventually become disoriented, depersonalised and immobilised.

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