Saturday, July 5, 2014

HEBE (HEE - bee)

Hebe is the daughter of Hera, and the niece of Hestia and Demeter.  She works as cup bearer to the Gooddesses. Her name means 'youthful bloom'.

She wears a crown of petals, and loves to spend carefree afternoons in the country. She gathers flowers in baskets and weaves them into garlands, all the while contemplating the mysteries and joys of life. Sometimes she joins her four half-sisters, the Seasons, and together they sing and dance, revelling in the sunshine and the feel of moist clover under their bare feet.

     After the 'hero' Herakles was made immortal, Hera gave him to Hebe as a husband.


You are sensuous and pleasure-seeking. You love the good things of life and appreciate beauty in all its forms.
    You feel at peace and oneness with the forces of nature. You are open to your relationship with the earth, and seek to heighten your receptivity to its messages.
    You are thoughtful, sensitive and perceptive. You know the importance of finding and holding your own centre and you are alive, alert, and awake to yoursylph. You can encompass events as they come at you by enfolding them and taking them inward to love, rather than pushing them away.

Uh oh: 

You lack drive and fortitude. Instead of confronting problems head on, you run away. You fear responsibility and decision-making. You are over-indulgent of your emotions and imagination, and prone to guilt. You may identify too strongly with an authority figure, becoming overly obedient, too passive, and unable to function properly.
    If you do not let the Gooddesses into your life, you develop a deep sense of futility and meaninglessness. You become decadent, wallowing in a world of dreams. Your thinking becomes hazy and unfocused. You feel swallowed up by others, and want to escape them, but only end up fleeing into addictions such as drug and alcohol abuse which also swallow you up.

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