Saturday, July 5, 2014

ARACHNE (a - RAK - nee)

Arachne was a mortal born into a poor family. At an early age she showed unusual talent as a weaver. So impressed was Athene,  patron Gooddess of arts and crafts, that she took Arachne as a disciple, and personally trained her. Arachne became the most celebrated weaver in Greece. Her designs were stunning and her technique was flawless.

    At the peak of her career, Arachne caught measles, which in those days was often fatal. But as she lay weak and dying, Athene descended to earth and sprinkled magic herbs on her body.

    Arachne shrank till she was only two inches big. She sprouted four more limbs, eight eyes, and grew black hair all over her body. Athene waved her hands and Arachne scuttled away into a corner, where she began to weave once more. She had become the first spider.

    Athene made her immortal and put eggs in her womb, so that she would bear more spiders. Today her multitudes of descendants are spread all over the world, adapted to many environments. Arachne is resident spider in the Gooddessís palace on Aoraki and there she weaves  intricate webs in cracks and crevices to her heart's content. 


You are quietly focused: neither quarrelsome, nor submissive. Open to life, creation, and transformation, you let come the thread of destiny, pulled from your deepest centre. You are highly productive, but you also know that waiting generates potential energy. Your need for times of solitude and creative stillness is strong. You weave the threads of life together, and achieve your goals gently and firmly. When life throws up obstacles (as it often does), you are diplomatic and find creative solutions to problems, skilfully drawing lifeís torn webs back together.
    You love learning, and are excited by possessing knowledge. With age you become very wise.

Uh oh:  

Sometimes important people in your life feel you are so devoted to your projects that you have no time for them. Or they feel they cannot capture your attention as your mind so often seems occupied with more distant things.
     Romanticism is a weakness and you tend towards sylph-pity. You are emotionally vulnerable, and if your dreams fail, you become angry at yoursylph.
    If you do not let the Gooddesses into your life, you become emotionally overwhelmed, sylph-absorbed, hypersensitive and shy, beginning to question yoursylph constantly and take everything personally. You become enmeshed in a net of sylph-accusation and sylph-rejection. The more you thrash, the more caught up you become, until ultimately you are immobilised.

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