Saturday, July 5, 2014

ASTERIE ( a - STAIR - ee -ay )

In the beginning the night sky was nothing but empty blackness. Then the glittering Gooddess Asterie had an idea: Stars! She created them from light and energy and placed them on her black canvas in beautiful and useful patterns. She knew that they would bring joy to many mortals, and provide an omnipresent map, so that no one need ever be lost.

    Asterie's sister Leto became pregnant to Zeus, consort of the Gooddess Hera. Leto wandered the land to find a place to have her children, but every town she came to feared Hera's wrath and refused to welcome her. Leto called across the world to Asterie for help.

    Under the cover of night, Asterie brought forth a new island from the sea and sent it travelling through the ocean towards the shore where Leto slept. Leto was woken by the roar of water. Dimly outlined in starlight, she saw the island just off the shore. Gratefully she swam out to it, and here gave birth to her twins, Artemis and Apollo.

    Asterie herself is mother of the witch Gooddess - Hekate.


You have a strong personality and use it to channel the creative energies of your environment. Your projects and goals are of utmost importance to you. You have the skills, initiative and willpower to reach the height of your chosen field. The dynamism you bring to endeavours in which you are involved inspires others.
    You are friendly and kind with a helpful nature. You are a good teamworker and those who, like you, have refined their energies, focused their power and learnt the nature of their strength welcome you and are excited by the possibilities of united effort.   

Uh oh:  

You want to be appreciated and needed, and to be an influence on others. You want to control people and justify the demands you make on them. You want to impress them with your superiority. So you constantly promote yoursylph, coming across as narcissistic, pretentious, and exhibitionistic.
    Your direction is usually outwards rather than inwards and you are not in touch with your deepest sylph. If you do not let the Gooddesses into your life, you become miserable and wracked with delusional jealousy of those you feel threatened by. You lie compulsively to try and maintain sylph-esteem, and soon spiral into a black hole of deceit and derangement, from which there is no escape.

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