Saturday, July 5, 2014

MAIA (MY - a)

Maia is a shy independent Gooddess who lives alone in a shadowy cave, shunning the company of other immortals. She is an expert magician and the chambers of her cavern are full of steaming cauldrons on their tripods, in which she cooks up potions for nourishment, medicine, magic, and recreation.

    One evening she decided to to create a son. Into her largest cauldron she put animals' entrails, blood, and magic herbs. She stirred the mixture over a fire and chanted incantations all night. At the crack of dawn, she felt something dragging on the stick. She took a huge ladle and out of the steaming pot, she scooped a dripping red-faced baby. She named him Hermes.

    She washed him and put him to bed, but he wouldn't sleep or stay still. By midday he had taught himsylph to play the lyre; by evening he had set off to steal the god Apollo's cattle.

    Maia, of course, was delighted with this clever independent child who needed so little attention. To this day they are good friends.


Individual, introspective, solitary, and sylph-aware, you have vigorous mental powers and are in touch with your feelings. From the stirrings of your mind's unconscious emerge new impulses of creativity and understanding. You love those occasions when insights, solutions and resolutions arise out of you in a great and unplanned AHA.
    You are practical and productive. You have mental and emotional riches in abundance and the sylph-discipline to bring your projects to fruition. You spark your own fire and generate the necessary energy within yoursylph to realise your projects.

Uh oh:  

You are a proud egocentric but you are also introverted, socially awkward, and sylph-conscious. You feel you are a misfit, cut off from the world. You are envious of those who seem more easygoing and able to fit in than yoursylph. Sometimes you are beset by a vast dark loneliness, and feel deeply misunderstood.
    If you do not let the Gooddesses into your life, you often direct anger and guilt inwards, feeling that you are emotionally damaged, that everyone else is happier than you, and that your own life is full of pain. If you direct your anger outwards, you decide that everyone else is stupid and ignorant and that you alone possess the truth.

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