Saturday, July 5, 2014

ATHENE (a - THEE - nee)

A Gooddess by the name of Metis became pregnant to Hera's consort Zeus. However the Sky and the Earth warned Zeus that Metis would bear a child greater than him in wisdom and might. To prevent this, he devoured Metis.

    Soon he found himsylph with a terrible headache, as if something was pounding at the inside of his skull. With a mighty crack, his head split right open and out sprang the Gooddess Athene, fully grown, brandishing a shield and javelin and screaming terrible battle cries. Not even the devouring of her mother could halt her birth.

    Athene is Gooddess of wisdom, battle, arts, and crafts. She is a talented fibre artist, and took the great weaver Arachne as a disciple. She is skilled in the taming and training of horses, interested in ships and chariots, and is the inventor of the flute. Owls are her familiars.


You have a formidable personality and embody widely admired qualities. Strong, determined, talented, generous, and kind, it often seems to others that there is nothing you can't do. You are full of ideas and always have a new project on the boil. What's more you finish what you start. Belief in your ideas gives you strength. You are ambitious to prove and improve yoursylph, and may become outstanding in some way.
    You understand the need to retreat and think things through and you periodically have times of quiet withdrawal to assess your attainments and goals.

Uh oh:  

You fear failure and humiliation, and laziness horrifies you. Never satisfied with one achievement, you constantly push yoursylph to greater heights. You martyr yoursylph to your cause or goal, refusing to allow yoursylph pleasure for its own sake, feeling there must always be a purpose to your activities. You look down on and disparage people for relaxing and taking time out.
    If you do not let the Gooddesses into your life, you punish yoursylph for not living up to your own impossibly high standards and push yoursylph to exhaustion, breakdown, and eventually hospitalisation.

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