Saturday, July 5, 2014

MNEMOSYNE (mne - MOZ - in - ee)

Mnemosyne is the Gooddess of creativity and fertile memory. She is equally at home in the shadowy depths of the Underworld as in the sunny light of earth. When in the Underworld she rules over the River of Forgetfulness, because creativity brings a forgetting of worries and cares. When on Earth, she lives on the lushly forested Mt Helikon, presiding over the twin springs of inspiration - Hippokrene and Aganippe.

    Wanting to produce children, she borrowed Hera's consort Zeus as a lover for nine nights. Nine months later she gave birth to the nine muses. Their name means 'The Reminders'.

    Each of the muses represents a different area of art. Calliope presides over Epic poetry; Clio, history and lyre playing; Euterpe, lyric poetry and flute playing; Melpomene, Tragedy; Terpsichore, choral dancing; Erato, love poetry and hymns to the Gooddesses; Polyhymnia, sacred music and dancing; Urania, astronomy; and Thaleia, Comedy. Music is named after the muses.


You are always capable of occupying yoursylph, and need never be bored. Whether you have many interests and skills or one very special talent, the drive to create is the primary force in your life. You have the enviable ability to create something lasting outside yoursylph, often from next to nothing. You are a lateral thinker and find unexpected solutions to problems. You appreciate beauty in all things and transform every experience into something valuable. It gives you great joy to feel the creative impulses you nurture begin to realise their potential.

Uh oh:  

You daydream. If something bores you, your mind wanders to more exciting things. You lack direction and drive. You find it impossible to work to a set routine. Or you produce constantly without taking time to regroup your inner forces, soak in the life around you, and gain the refreshment of rest.
    If you do not let the Gooddesses into your life, you become sylphish, thoughtless, and obsessed with your projects. You get so wrapped up in your work that you isolate people you need and become lonely, disillusioned and hermit-like.

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