Saturday, July 5, 2014

KALYPSO (ka - LIP - so)

Kalypso is the daughter of the Sea Gooddess, Tethys.

    She lives alone on her own idyllic island and makes her home in a large cavern in a forest clearing at the centre of the island. The mouth of her cave is overhung with grapevines, and four glittering fountains flow just outside. Often she goes diving to visit her friends the octopusses who live in solitary undersea hollows around her islands.

    Now and then she is delighted to find that Tethys has washed a shipwrecked sailor or two onto her shore. She takes pleasure in nursing them back to health and keeping them on her island for a while as her lovers. When she tires of them she helps them make a raft and sends them on their way again.


You have a lively mind: intuitive and sensitive, but also capable of analytical thought, and speculating about highly complex ideas. You want to understand everything, and are an independent, innovative thinker.
    You have a sylph-indulgent side, and enjoy pampering yoursylph. You like to surround yoursylph with beautiful things. Your senses are highly receptive and you respond intensely to colour, taste, texture, fragrance, and sound. You are peace-loving and like to be on your own. There is great containment and quietness in you, a place of groundedness from which you deal with the difficulties and threats of the outside world, and dream up important schemes for the future.

Uh oh:  

You are neglectful, irresponsible and scatty; careless with money and tactless with people. You lack the strength or drive to fully achieve your goals, and are disorganised and easily distracted, going off on tangents, and not seeing tasks to completion. You wallow in dreams and romanticism, withdrawing from the real world, becoming unproductive, and overly sylph-indulgent.
    If you do not let the Gooddesses into your life, you feel ashamed of yoursylph and criticise yoursylph constantly. You feel alienated from others, and become increasingly strange, secretive, and unstable.

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