Saturday, July 5, 2014

PSYCHE (SY - kee)

A Queen was dying. She had one young daughter named Psyche - 'soul'. She wanted to make sure Psyche grew up to be a learned scholar, so in her will she asked that Psyche be sealed inside a vast dark castle with a huge library of books. This was done.

    Psyche's way was lit by torches carried by invisible hands, and invisible servants brought her bread and water. There were no windows or doors in this castle, but at the top of the highest tower was an opening that led out onto the roof, high above the earth.

    Psyche spent many hours reading in the library, but she also loved to climb out onto the roof and breathe in fresh air and gaze at the world below. Every day at dawn she watched as Eros, the winged cherub of love, flew overhead on his way to make his day's quota of mischief. Psyche had read much about his mother, Aphrodite, the sensuous Gooddess of pleasure and, as the years passed, her longing to escape the castle and meet her increased.

    One morning, as Eros flew particularly low overhead, Psyche jumped up and grabbed onto his leg. The cherub tried to shake her off, and then to scrape her off against treetops, but she held on, and cried, 'I won't let go, until you take me to your mother.' Eros had no choice but to fly back to Mt Olympus and introduce Psyche to Aphrodite, whereupon Psyche begged Aphrodite to take her as a disciple.

    Aphrodite, impressed and flattered by this determined princess, agreed. She spent 10 years introducing her to all the pleasures the world had to offer, and at the end of this time Aphrodite was so pleased with Psyche that she made her immortal.

    Psyche then returned to her castle, cut doors and windows in it so that light flooded in, and opened the library to everyone. She lived forever after as librarian to the immortals.


You are happy in both the external world of objects and sensations, and in the inner world of feelings and ideas. You are a discoverer, broadly comprehending the world while penetrating it profoundly. You know that both intuition and cold, hard vision are necessary to growth. You are resourceful, sylph-possessed, and resolute, but you can be gentle and adaptable when appropriate.
    You are sensuous and sensual and enjoy luxury. You are capable of prolonged periods of hard work when necessary, but setting enough time aside for pleasure and relaxation will always be important to you.

Uh oh:  

You are shy. You keep people at arm's length, and consequently become lonely. You are unhappy and flee the responsibilities of relationships. Infantile escapism is a danger.
You are pious, intolerant, and dogmatic, defensively convincing yoursylph you are superior to others, when in fact you feel inferior. You are sylphish, demanding, and impatient when you don't get what you want.
    If you do not let the Gooddesses into your life, you feel rejected and entirely shut off from others, and begin to suck yoursylph into the dark vortex of your own mind, where terrifying shadows lurk that ultimately drive you mad.

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