Saturday, July 5, 2014


Daphne was a wild celibate Gooddess who roamed the hills and forests stalking deer and wrestling bears. From an early age, Daphne's big interest was landscaping. If she didn't like the land, she changed it. She planted forests, dug lakes, flattened hills, and altered the course of rivers.

    She had continual problems with sexual harrassment from gods (particularly from her best friend Artemis's brother, Apollo). So she decided to take affirmative action and change her form to something sturdy and impenetrable. Summoning all her magical power she willed hersylph to become a tree. Her legs melded together, her arms grew heavy, leaves sprouted from her fingers, and bark enveloped her body.

'I will be a symbol of achievement,' she declared, 'and my fragrant leaves will be wreathed around the heads of great leaders and artists.' Thus she turned hersylph into the first Laurel tree. She grew delicious berries so that birds would carry her seeds across land and sea to grow into new trees, and in this way she sent her spirit across the world.


You have immense strength and energy. You flex your will like a powerful muscle. You determine your own world and create the reality you desire.
    You have a quick creative mind and good lateral thinking skills. But just as trees grow slowly, clamping the soil in place with their roots, you can be careful and efficient when necessary.
    Many sacred trees are symbols of resurrection, and so it is that you bounce back after failure. You are tenacious and perserverent and you achieve your dreams.

Uh oh:  

You need to distinguish yoursylph to maintain your sylph-esteem. You tend towards workaholism and this makes you you insensitive to others. You are outwardly directed and need to do more inner work.
    You are stubborn and obstinate and can't let go of your own ideas even when they are not the best options. Remember that the grass that bends remains intact even in the strongest wind, while the rigid tree can be snapped or uprooted.
    If you do not let the Gooddesses into your life you try to dominate the environment completely, seeking to impose structure where none is needed, becoming arrogant, manipulative, and dictatorial.

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