Saturday, July 5, 2014

BAUBO (BOW - bo)

Baubo is a genial Gooddess with an outrageous sense of humour and a big transparent belly like a crystal ball. Sometimes she appears simply as a stomach and vulva on legs.

    When Demeter searched the world for her lost daughter Persephone, she came to Baubo's house. Seeing how exhausted and hungry Demeter looked, Baubo invited her in and offered her food and drink. But Demeter said she was too miserable to eat. At this, Baubo lifted her dress to reveal her enormous stomach and vulva, and wiggled her hips. Behold! In Baubo's womb appeared the laughing face of Demeter's favourite nephew, Dionysus (son of Ino, and god of wine and revelry). At last Demeter laughed too, and accepted a meal.


You are vivacious and fun-loving, and your enthusiasm is infectious.
You feel you have more than your share of blessings, and, whether they be material, physical, or spiritual, you are grateful for them and want to share them.
Your warmth and wit brings good cheer, and wins friends. You bring individuals together. You have an optimistic outlook, and others find you reassuring, kind and supportive. You have a radiant aura which comes from your deep caring for others and your desire to enjoy life to the full. You are accepting, trusting, and comfortable with the world, bouncing back from hardship with ease.

Uh oh:  

To calm yoursylph and others you minimise the seriousness of problems. You exhibit indifference and lazy procrastination, hoping problems will go away on their own.
    You are decadent, saying and doing whatever comes to mind, immersing yoursylph in sensuous pleasures and surrounding yoursylph with people in order to escape from looking too deeply into yoursylph. You easily become directionless and bored.
    If you do not let the Gooddesses into your life, you use drunkenness and other forms of indulgence as escapism. Eventually you become dissipated, dissolute, debauched and grotesquely depraved.

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