Saturday, July 5, 2014

KIRKE (KER - kee)

Kirke (AKA Circe) is a great sorcerer. She is daughter of Helios, the sun, and neice of the moon Gooddess Selene and the dawn Gooddess Eos. She is sister of Pasiphae, and aunt of Medea. She  lives in a stone house in a forest clearing on her own island.

    Not uncommonly, sailors are shipwrecked there. Cold and starving, they are usually lured to Kirke's house by the inviting sight of smoke rising from a chimney above the trees.

After welcoming them in, Kirke, if she is in a mischievous mood, gives them drugged wine to turn them into farm animals, and drives them into pens in her back yard with all her other enchanted pigs, dogs, goats and sheep. But if she feels like a party she leaves them in human form and lets them stay with her for a few months, providing them with ample food and wine, enjoying their company, and taking one or two as lovers.


You are strong, dynamic, and forthright. Uninhibited and outspoken, you often say what others wish they had the nerve to. Your wit, verve, and generosity make you popular and respected. Others fall easily under the spell of your personality.
    You have powerful appetites and enjoy life to the full. You love thrills and excitement, hate to be bored and are adept at making your own fun. Your life never lacks variety. You are accomplished and multi-talented. There is a strong creative urge within you, and you seek interesting channels for its expression.

Uh oh:  

You are egotistic, smug, tactless, and lack humility. You are a stirrer, deliberately creating situations of conflict to get the excitement you crave. Introspection provokes anxiety within you, and so you try to stay on the go, indulging in infantile escapism, never stopping for long enough to examine yoursylph too deeply.
    If you do not let the Gooddesses into your life, you flee from yoursylph into compulsions, addictions and frantic activity. You act out impulses rather than dealing with anxiety, and lose control of yoursylph. You fall prey to erratic volatile moodswings, and eventually insanity.

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