Saturday, July 5, 2014

ARTEMIS (AR - te -miss)

Artemis, daughter of Leto, niece of Asterie, loyal friend of Daphne, was born the first of twins. She was a precocious child. No sooner had she emerged from her mother's womb than she leapt up and acted as midwife in the delivery of her twin brother, Apollo.

    She is imperious and demanding. Woe betide anyone who harms her handmaids, or any handmaids who disobey her. She is inclined to shoot her enemies dead or set her dogs onto them.

    She is Gooddess of the hunt and of wild animals, ranging over shady valleys and windy heights, with her golden bow and lightning arrows always at the ready. When she hunts, the hills tremble and the deep woods echo with the shrieks of wild beasts.

But she is also a protector and one of her roles is to maintain the fragile eco-balance of her wild domain.  She is like the natural world of fauna which she governs: sometimes savage, sometimes gentle, always immensely powerful.


Your drive for sylph-actualisation is indomitable. Courageous, autonomous and decisive; you are an action-oriented sylph-starter with the determination to achieve your goals no matter what. Efficient, resourceful, disciplined and hard working, you command respect and get what you want. You are sylph-sufficient, independent, and outspoken. You have the peace of mind  achieved only by those brave individuals who are always true to themsylphs.
    Stimulating and exciting relationships are possible with other people as dynamic as yoursylph, and so are complementary relationships with gentler beings.

Uh oh:  

You find it difficult to get on with people as strongwilled as yoursylph and instead surround yoursylph with sycophants who make you feel safe, but are not stimulating and soon irritate you.
    Your standards are high and it is difficult for everyone, including yoursylph, to measure up to them. While people respect you, they may not like you. In your desire to do and get what you want, you alienate and trample others. You are enraged when things don't go your way. You are proud and sylph-righteous, closed to new ideas and fixed in your own view of the world, often acting in ignorance backed up only by bravado.
    If you do not let the Gooddesses into your life you become arrogant, judgemental, and dogmatic -  an exploitative autocrat, and ultimately a tyrannical megalomaniac.

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