Saturday, July 5, 2014

OMPHALE (om - FA - lay)

Omphale was born from the glittering water of Iardonos, a river that ran thick with gold. She founded the city of Lydia beside Iardonos and proclaimed hersylph Queen. Under her rule Lydia become powerful and prosperous, a spectacular metropolis where everyone wore clothes of spun gold and lived in golden houses.

    Omphale took the nearby mountain Tmolos as her consort and held a great wedding on his lushly forested slopes. She built hersylph a golden palace at his summit, and revelled in the view of her glorious city spread beneath her.

    In later years Omphale captured the well-known 'hero' Herakles and took him as a slave. She made him wear women's clothes and set him to work for her, cleaning and spinning, while she strode around her palace wearing his lion skin and carrying his club.


You are determined, energetic, and autonomous. You have a forceful personality, and stand up for your wants and needs.
    You are not afraid of hard work, but also enjoy luxury and the pleasures of life. You abhor boredom and can breathe life into the dullest situation. Whatever you are involved in, business or pleasure, you give it your all. You are receptive to the world around you and there is much that you find exciting and invigorating. You are buoyant and jovial, full of fun, and always optimistic.

Uh oh:  

You have addictive tendencies and a poor relationship with your unconscious depths. You don't want to face up to negative feelings about yoursylph and others. You try to heighten stimulation and excitement by staying in perpetual motion, always distracting yoursylph with something fun and new, refusing to look too deeply inside yoursylph.
    If you do not let the Gooddesses into your life, you become sylph-serving, spoilt, manipulative, and abusive as you demand whatever you need to keep yoursylph busy and distracted. Aggressive lust, in its broadest sense, takes over your life, until your desire to possess and control spells your ruin.

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